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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A soulful Politician...

If a soulful politican ever existed in India, today he would say the following:-
"...Our nation is mired by rising poverty levels.

Our groundwater is as polluted as can be. And it threatens millions of people and their homes.

Our infrastructutre is rapidly crumbling, unable to withstand the uneven growth in a few selected sectors in recent decades.

Our farmers are dying even though their exported crops fetch millions in foreign revenue.

For every child starting a good school today, we put 2 children on the street.

But we have every intention of addressing these problems. We are just waiting for our BPO people to get off their phones, telling Midwesterners how to install Windows VISTA on their home computer!!!!"


nSiva said...

Welcome back...welcome sarcasm!!

arun vijayan said...

I loved the movie...but felt the same thing about the praise its getting on the depiction of chaos theory.But again,it may be the first indian movie to 'speak' explictly(in the opening stadium scene) about the chaos theory.

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