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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dasavatharam only proves a point about Kamal that some of us already know, Kamal is very confused when it comes to making movies. Note the word 'making' and not 'acting'.

As an actor, his histrionic skills are un-questionable. 'Dasa' proves to be a testimony for this fact. But covering up the face in foot-long mask or mould and leaving your eyes alone to do the acting is becoming a pain in the rear-end. The make-up clearly is preventing the emotions to come through. It will surely bring 'wows' from those first-benchers who will leave the theatre and start screaming into those TV channel microphones, "Kamal-u nalla nachikkiraru, kamal-u soopera act kuduthikkiraru....". But I think its high time Kamal showcases his histrionics without a 'fancy-dress'.

Coming back to my statement about Kamal being confused; he watches and admires movies that are made for a higher level of intelligentia, movies that are not meant to be money-grocers, but heart-ticklers. But when it comes to making his own movies, he is forced to make money from a crowd which is a widespread strata of intellectuals, ranging from illiterate to highly qualified. He is always confused whether or not to make movies that are understandable and appreciatable by all. So he always makes a mixture that reaches none.

Dasavatharam is a classic example of this turbid state of mind. By now the 'so-called' concept of Dasavatharam, 'Chaos Theory', has been discussed and dessimated by many reviewers. This review will not go into those details. Rather this post will tell you a piece of information that many filmmakers don't know about their own films.

If Dasavatharam is based on Chaos Theory, every Tamil movie made thus far is based on 'Chaos Theory' !!!!!!

Baffled? Here's why: Kamal argues that the series of events that took place from the 12th century to the modern day tsunami was nature's way of preventing a huge mishap from happening. All the 10 characters, played by 'his excellency', helped nature's course. But what you don't realise is that in every movie made thus far, there is an end towards which the movie is moving and there are a bunch of incidents that happen towards that end. Meaning the characters in the movie help in reaching that end. The only difference is that those characters are not all played by the same person.

For Eg: The villain rapes a young girl. So the hero avenges the villain. Now put 'Chaos Theory' into picture. If the young girl had not put herself into a 'rape'-able position, the evil villain would have never been identified to the hero. So the young girl is nature's little entity in the bigger 'Chaos' picture. See, you can apply this logic to every damn movie.

Other than this 'unique' vision, Dasavatharam is only a bunch of co-incidences in the whole scheme of things, just like any other movie has been. Every thing in our movies happens 'by-chance'. Boy meets girl 'by-chance'. Rain happens 'by-chance'. Hero meets villain 'by-chance'. Villain pushes the hero 'by-chance'. So Dasavatharam is also only a movie of 'chances'.

If you really want to make a movie about Chaos Theory and its subset Butterfly Effect, you do it by showing both sides of the coin. The underlying concept of Chaos Theory is that, no matter an incident X happens or not, nature will make sure that its intended end happens neverthless.

For Eg: Whether or not Krishnaveni Patti puts the 'whatever-thing' into the idol or not, the intended end of 'evil' getting destroyed happens. Thats the 'Butterfly-Effect' in simple terms.

Thats exactly the reason why a movie like 'Butterfly-Effect' scores.

In essence, Kamal should stop being confused and say 'damn-the-money', I will make movies on my own terms. Then, and only then, can his admiration of good movies get translated into his own.

On a side note, here are some notable comedies in the movie:

  • For eons, there have been spam mails circulated about how Rajini in some movie (god knows which) removed the brain tumor with a bullet. No Rajini movie had ever done that, but people took pleasure in ridiculing it. But Kamal-ji you have truly implemented your own form of curing cancer with a bullet-shot, kudos!!
  • Love blossoms in the midst of dead-bodies from the Tsunami, wow, Kadhalin-pudiya konal!!!
  • Jayalalitha supervises the Tsunami destruction, but when the award ceremony happens, Kalaignar is the CM. I know elections are frequent in TN, but THIS frequent? whew!!
  • Why would anyone make a bio-weapon that can be nullified by something as common as 'common-salt' ??? Never said if it needs to be 'iodized' though !!!

Naan 'Dasavatharam' nalla padam illai nu solla maaten....Nalla padama irundha nalla irukkum-nu thaan solren.

Comments and brickbats welcome.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A soulful Politician...

If a soulful politican ever existed in India, today he would say the following:-
"...Our nation is mired by rising poverty levels.

Our groundwater is as polluted as can be. And it threatens millions of people and their homes.

Our infrastructutre is rapidly crumbling, unable to withstand the uneven growth in a few selected sectors in recent decades.

Our farmers are dying even though their exported crops fetch millions in foreign revenue.

For every child starting a good school today, we put 2 children on the street.

But we have every intention of addressing these problems. We are just waiting for our BPO people to get off their phones, telling Midwesterners how to install Windows VISTA on their home computer!!!!"

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