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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RDB and Oscar : The odds

Hmmm...its that time again...Aamir is out with a great movie, the movie's making great collections, the film's got an excellent star-cast and like every big 'n' excellent movie, the "Star" has not made others fade in his luminence, instead, has made his co-stars shine with him. So whats next??? OSCARS Khan-ji...aur kya???
So how does RDB weigh up in the race for the "best foreign film" Oscar. To be honest, its too early to tell. True, the best of the year is yet to come and you would never know which other Roberto Benigni is gonna come up with another "Life is Beautiful", or which other war-story is gonna give the world another "No Man's Land". But did we Indians ever know about "No Man's Land" until it beat "Lagaan" black n blue?? Or did we even know a nut-crack like Benigni existed b4 he gave us all a ball-dance on top of the table on Oscar night...the answer, my humble fellow country-men, is a N O !!! So its never too early or never too late to discuss about Foreign-film Oscars...
Having said that, lets make a list of things that go for RDB taking us to the ever-eluding OSCAR:

  • A movie made from the heart. No producer-satifsying compromises...If at all any, they were only made to enhance the quality of the movie.
  • A movie with lots of vibes and jibes which the west can relate to.
  • A movie about nationalist sentiments, which, irrespective of nation, has never failed to evoke applause from the foreign-film panelists. (some notable eg:- Evita, Motorcycle Diaries, etc.)
  • A movie, although carrying a huge-weight on its shoulders (in the form of subject), has made us sit thro' it with smiles on our faces...It never ever went into a preaching mode and never made us feel as if we were in an Osho sermon...
  • A vast set of characters brilliantly played and portrayed. And believe it or not, people watching the movie with just sub-titles and no understanding of the language, have still been able to appreciate it...(a few of my nut-crack friends are testimonies).
    A li'l bit of wise lobbying (Aamir already has an experience), will make RDB a loud bang on the door to an Academy recognition...

    Keepin my fingers crossed...all twenty of 'em !!!

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latha said...

Hi Prashanth,

Cool to see that you wrote abt Rang De Basanti on ur blog. I absolutely loved the movie! It should have made it to the Oscars, but big deal! It made a huge impact in India and inspired many of us:)

Btw, there's a movie called "amu" which will premier in DC tomorrow. Do check it out.

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